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Blister Pearl Pendant / Slide - PND-0983

$ 75.00

This blister pearl pendant is handcrafted from 14K/20 gold filled wire and a pretty freeform blister pearl. Blister pearls are real pearls, formed attached to the shell instead of loose inside the shell. As they move, various irridescent colors will appear on their surface. This one really has a lot of color play.

I love blister pearl pendants. They go great with dressy and/or business attire, they love soft sweaters, and they complement a lot of different outfits. They look great on an omega, chain, or collar, as well as on a satin cord or ribbon. 

14K/20 gold filled wire is basically a tube of 14K gold with a jeweler’s wire down the center for flexibility. It wears well, does not tarnish, and has the same allergy reactions (or non-reactions) as 14K gold.

Each of my pendants are one-of-a-kind and you are selecting the actual one you will be receiving. No chain is included.

approximately 1 3/8" x 2 7/8" (35mm x 73mm)
8mm bail   

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