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Use Contact vs Comments

Apparently this system gives me no notifications when people post comments.  Please, if you need an answer from me, use the "Contact Me" link in the footer rather than leaving a comment to a blog posting.  Thanks

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OK, Once Again, I think everything is working . . .

Apparently some of the security upgrades knocked out some of the functions on my website.  I think the menus are all working again.  I think all the pictures are back in the "learn" sections.  Please let me know if you find anything that is not still working.  Thank you

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Everything seems to be working!

A new website is always a learning curve, but I think I'm pretty much there.  I think all the menus are working right - even on tablets and phones.  I think I've customized the most important of the default wording.  Still have to work on getting pictures uniform across the site and adding new products. Please let me know if you run into difficulties with anything or find some wording that could be better stated. Thanks for your help - Enjoy browsing!Sue

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Changing Websites

Can you believe my old website lasted 12 years!  That is pretty good with as fast as technology changes.  Unfortunately though, I was beginning to have various issues with that site and even more issues with their support.  Some of you have experienced the problems I was having getting notifications for orders and getting emails.  So, it is time to change vendors. My first priority is to get all of the information from the old site to this one.  Then I will be working on improving the photography, making things pretty, and getting new items up. Unfortunately, moving from the...

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Leaving Franchisee Hell !!

Thank you, to all of you that have been pushing me to get back to actively making jewelry again, after my detour through franchisee hell. For anyone thinking of buying a franchise, my only advice is DON'T!! It is not like a normal business.  When it fails, you can't just quit, unless you are willing to declare personal bankruptcy.  It is a whole other world that comes closer to indentured servitude than your own business.  A recent newspaper article (6/19/15 - Contra Costa Times) quoted a study that said "71 percent of California franchisees operate at a loss or are just...

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