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About Us

The title says "About Us",
but "us" is actually just me, myself, and I.
The jewelry on this site are my creations.
There is only one of each.

I love unique stones and I love using wire to frame them and make them pop, just like a mat and a frame make a painting pop. I often think of myself as "the third artist" when creating my jewelry - after Mother Nature and the lapidary artist that freed the stone from the rough rock.

Ammolite, Labradorite/Spectralite, Opal, and other stones with "color plays" require proper orientation to show their wonderful colors. Soft stones, free forms, and unusually shaped items can be hard to put into a traditional jewelry setting. Wire jewelry allows me to work around the stone and set it as it wants to be set.

Half the fun of making jewelry is picking out the "stones", whether they are really stone, or glass, or cameo or shell. I like to buy stones one at a time, looking for those with unique personalities. I also like to buy from independent artists that can really pull out the best from the stone they are cutting, the glass they are creating, or the materials they are carving. I am drawn to rare and unusual stones, including ammolite, eudialyte, tiffany stone, and larimar.

I craft wire art jewelry to frame these unique stones and make them pop. I use a variety precious metal wires, but my favorite is 14K/20 gold filled wire, which is basically a tube of 14K gold with a jeweler’s wire down the center for flexibility. It’s a pleasure to work with, easy to take care of, and it is a great value, delivering the benefits of gold at a price close to that of fine silver.

For me, jewelry is all about the stones, the wire, and the fun of creation.
Having retired, I balance this as a hobby against travel and other family commitments.
I am no longer doing shows or taking commissions.

My phone pretty much gets left on the kitchen counter, so the most reliable way to get me is through the "Contact Me" link in the footer.

As a one-person show, I check orders and email regularly, but when I am away, there is no one to ship orders. If there will be a delay in shipping your order because of that, it will be posted at the top of the site.

Enjoy browsing!!