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Apparently this system gives me no notifications when people post comments.  Please, if you need an answer from me, use the "Contact Me" link in the footer rather than leaving a comment to a blog posting.  Thanks

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  • Alastair Smith on

    Hi guys,

    I dropped you a quick message last week re: our 2024 Engagement Ring Survey – I don’t know whether you saw it?

    It’s closing shortly so I didn’t want you to miss out on sharing your thoughts or receiving the rewards.

    We’ve just relaunched and would really love it if you could find 30 secs to let us know your thoughts – it’s super quick and completely confidential.

    You’ll be entered into a draw for a listing on our directory and everyone who helps out will receive the our guide to local SEO, which can help get more people through the door (the feedback on this has been great BTW)

    The link to complete it is:

    Fingers crossed you can find 30 secs to contribute!


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  • Joe Celine on

    Are you still in business?
    I found a few errors on your site.
    Would you like me to send over a screenshot of those errors?

    (714) 908-9255

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This system does NOT tell me when comments are posted, so do not count on me seeing your post.

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