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Ammolite Pendant / Slide - PND-1013

$ 425.00

This little ammolite pendant is handcrafted from 14K/20 gold filled wire and an ammolite triplet. This pendant has great colors, however I don’t think it is quite as blue/purple as is showing in the pictures. It is not that those colors aren’t there, they just don’t stand out as much in real life as they do in the picture. In
real life, the splash of red/orange/gold pops much more than in the picture and the upper left quadrant is green, which is not showing in the pictures at all.

Ammolite is the fossilized shell of an ancient sea creature and is a rare, organic gemstone. Ammolite is my favorite gemstone. No other gem comes in such a range of colors and patterns or has such vivid iridescence. I like to think of ammolite as the romance stone, because it is full of warmth, fire, life, and unexpected changes. Traditionally, ammolite is a good luck stone. It is revered as a sacred stone by the Blood Indians and it is thought to have intense energy by those that believe in the metaphysical or Feng Sui aspects.

14K/20 gold filled wire is basically a tube of 14K gold with a jeweler’s wire down the center for flexibility. It wears well, does not tarnish, and has the same allergy reactions (or non-reactions) as 14K gold.

Each of my ammolite pendants are one-of-a-kind and you are selecting the actual one you will be receiving. No chain is included.

approximately 1/2" x 1 1/2" (13mm x 39mm)
5mm bail 

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