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Sodalite Pendant / Slide - PND-0929

$ 75.00
This darling sodalite pendant is handcrafted from 14K/20 gold filled wire and a sodalite cabochon (cab). It is a uniformly colored, dark navy blue. It can almost look black, but held up to a light it is translucent and almost a cobalt blue.

14K/20 gold filled wire is basically a tube of 14K gold with a jeweler’s wire down the center for flexibility. It wears well, does not tarnish, and has the same allergy reactions (or non-reactions) as 14K gold.

Each of my cabochon pendants are "one-of-a-kind" and you are selecting the actual one you will be receiving. No chain is included.

approximately 5/8" x 2" (16mm x 52mm)
6mm bail

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